love for DIY


Stark has been producing tools, power tools and gardening equipment for years, in full compliance with the customer’s needs and the highest quality standards. Thanks to our cutting-edge Research and Development section, we are able to offer technologically advanced but easy-to-use models to the market every year; the perfect union between design, aesthetics and functionality. We have always satisfied millions of customers, both individuals and companies, who seek in Stark a perfect ally for their needs in the field of gardening, do-it-yourself and small jobs. Each of our products is designed and created based not only on advanced designs, but on customer requests and needs. This, in order to always and only supply high-end products, functional, but above all safe and easy to use; all in full respect of tradition and customer needs.

Our Mission

Since ever, our mission has always been to aim at giving back to the customers the result of their trust: quality products for do-it-yourself and garden care. The commitment and passion we put into each of our projects is reflected in the experience of our customers; functional and well-designed tools, which guarantee perfect and long-lasting performance. Our satisfaction lies above all in the results of your work: because creativity is within you, we give you the tools to make it flourish.


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